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you for being with us. hope you think you've paid enough. greta is next. thanks for being with us. >> greta: what is your guess? how many tea party events do you think there were this tax day 2010? just sam nell, griffç jenkins in california, 40 miles from san francisco. >> reporter: it has been a year since tax day when tea partiers showed up. who would have thought thousands would turn out in the backyard of house speaker nancy pelosi here in the san francisco bay area! certainly not a place known for its conservative circles. we have republican senator candidate carlie fiorina turned out. it was peaceful, a large event. you can hear the ban. we talked to most of the folksç in the audience of course [ inaudible ] here's what happened, take a
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look. we are in the house madame's backyard. nancy pelosi's backyard. look at this, otherwise liberal bay area you have thousands of people not just at this tea party but tea parties all over the bay area saying we need a reset. >> we are concerned about what is happening with our government, what we see taking place with our government and our leadership, the administration and it is time it. >> reporter: republican candidate fiorina, is it your sense the republican candidates have to reach out to this group if they are going get elected? >> i think all of these people are critical to win any election. this sent men to the ballot box in november? >> yes, you can't fix stupid, but you can vote them out. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] mary why are you out here
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protesting? >> i wouldn't say weç are protesting the tea partiers we are protesting -- it is tax day and we feel that corporations need to pay their fair share. billions of tax breaks and haven't been accountable to the number of jobs that it has created. >> reporter: it would not be a tea party without colonial garb or >> we are citizens concerned about the deck our country is taking. more and more in debt, losing our standard of living and freedoms.ç >> my party has left me behind. i'm a conservative democrat which no longer exists. >> last year i thought i would throw a little tea party and we 3,000 of our friends together and did this. i have a young one, i saw it is not getting better. the economy is not getting better. the passing of the almost one trillion health care bill, it
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is not getting better. >> if i don't stand up for moments, who is going to? ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪ >> god bless america, thank you!ç ♪ ♪ >> >> reporter: the same thing you've heard, higher taxes, big government spending this is the theme out here, the health care bill. what is your name sir? why are you here today? >> i'm from antioch, california i'm here to support the effort to change our government to get back to a constitutional form of government and change hot leadership is in washington, d.c., just like everybody else here. >> reporter: there was a tea party in san francisco downtown as well as 1/3y miles south of here in theç silicon valley as you know, greta, it -- it takes 10 seats to win the senate back to the republicans, 41 seats to win the house back. the question is whether the energy you see here in the
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san francisco bay area will translate to republicans running elsewhere in the country [ inaudible ] will they -- meet the needs of the tea party people. we saw a democrat here had a sign that said one angry democrat. >> greta: it looks like you got thousandsç behind you that i guess is television can be deceptive. any idea, any headcount? how many people is there, if you can estimate? >> reporter: well, i hate to give estimates but i stood on top of the rv and looked, what was perhaps not quite 10,000, certainly at least 5,000 that turned out here. this event went from 2 p.m. pacific to after 7 p.m. pacific time. band still playing and several hundred people still here in the parking lot. they seem to like your shown3 they watch a lot of greta van susteren programs.
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>> greta: thank you and thank them. estimating crowds is impossible and we could be dead wrong on any of our estimates. we'll hear maybe tomorrow from law enforcement as they make better estimates. we are live in washington, d.c.. today this is the heart of the action. the tea party express rumbled
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it is not a republican vs. democrat thing. it is a big government vs. fiscal conservative thing. ♪ i need a bailout ♪ somebody rescue me. >> why are you here? >> a week ago we were going these people have been in the news for a year, republicans, democrats, independents, they don't speak remotely for us. we don't think the country is on the path of socialism. taxes are essential for clean water, highways. who are they speaking for? what happened to the other 95%? ♪ i need a hand-out and bailout help me out today ♪ >> greta: are you worried about the deficit, taxes? >> this is something that going to effect us. we want to make a stan while we can. >> unemployment rate is 2010 phi% i graduate in may and obama's stimulus -- is making
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things wore. >> i've seen what is going on and i don't like it. >> there are serious negatives economic implications a lot of policies pushed through in washington right now. with the soaring national debt and fiscal deficit and us going into the workforce everything looks grim. ♪ i need a bailout ♪ ♪ >> it is the way that it is more than any other wave i've seen driven by the fear of what washington is going to do to america. it is a genuine fear. they look at this city and they say, i'm afraid these guys are going to destroy my country. >> greta: protests are in the air not just the tea parties. some in washington are speaking out against the tea parties. >> you don't represent the majority of americans who are not paranoid.
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>> we are proud to live in a country -- [ talking over each other ]nc3pj >> [ inaudible ] >> greta: coming up our special tax day 2010 coverage continues live from washington, d.c.. and the rundown tonight is jammed pack. tucker carlson, mike huckabee, dick morris and more. guess who is under attack? the answer, a bunch of people. did you hear about the tea party target list? what are we talking about? find out in two minutes.
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>> greta: politicians look out the tea party express has a target list of people it wants to vote out of office who is on the list? joining us tucker carlson.
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you spoke at a tea party this afternoon. >> yeah. just tonight. >> greta: how did you do? >> i talked what i know journalism, the daily caller our site. we covering the tea party in a straightforward way like a lot of people. i was impressed by the sincerity of the people. when you look a political movement you should take what the people say at face value, at least at first. you ask them why they are there and all give a straightforward reason. which is, upset about spending. >> greta: many people were dismissive of them last year. it wasn't until senator brown was elected and a lot of people woke up. maybe there is something to this. >> the coverage went from, i'm not talking about fox. but in general from dismissive and nasty. >> greta: insulting. >> very. to patronizing. sort of patting them on the head. they are not all mentally ill and racist, did you know that? >> greta: they are not all stupid.
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>> exactly. better to acknowledge the truth. they are ordinary people who are, i think, doing a noble think which is expressing dissent from the prevailing political program like you are supposed to do in this kreult. >> greta: the senators -- senators branch lincoln, harry reid, he's the very important one and arlen specter. >> i think those are -- at least two out of three they a pretty good shot. >> greta: who? >> [ talking over each other ] blanche lincoln is in trouble. the ground has shifted beneath her feet arkansas is a complicated state, i used to work at the newspaper there. right now it is not a -- >> greta: harry reid is way behind. i predict once he gets throughout primary in june has so much more money and i think he's going to win in november. >> tough person. i would say -- >> greta: i didn't think that
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before. >> he's a mean guy. >> greta: mean? >> yeah, i do think harry reid is mass >> greta: i don't know about that he may be tough. >> i've had my experiences with harry reid. >> greta: you are on your own with that one. one of the other people they have targeted is barney frank from massachusetts. any chance he's been elected so many times in -- >> he's been elected since 1980. you can find video of barney frank saying things that are so -- making obscene gestures to reporters and he keeps getting reelected. i don't see barney frank losing his seat. i pray for it, but it's a tough one. >> greta: in florida, one of the her vose marco rubio. >> it is amazing it -- it sounds like the wheels may be coming off the charlie crist for senate campaign. >> greta: more trouble.
10:14 pm
>> one of his major backers tonight, i just this e-mail, just resigned from the campaign. it doesn't look good. there's a lot of talk that he may leave the republican party and become an independent. i don't know in that is try or not. a lot of republicans think that is a possbility. they are warning him don't do that we will run against you if you do. >> greta: interesting sort of the hero to the' tea party movement is government -- governor sarah palin. she was on the video, call me. sort of an endorsement. michelle bachmann also a hero >> terrific speaker. i don't know michelle bachmann. i've met her. i hadn't seen her speak before a crowd like that before tonight. i was impressed. i was talking to someone, who is that? it was mish shill bachmann. she good. i can see why she is literally despised by the activist left, she truly is. she is pretty effective, i
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thought. >> greta: this target list what is the risk to the republican party? tea party movement people are not going to vote for republicans, going to politic the party, do like ross per is this more of a risk to the -- ross perot. is this more of a risk to>p -- >> it is anti-liberal basically. these are not big ers. these are small government folks. -- explicitly a threat to democrats. threat to republicans come after the elections when tea party movement helps electric a ton of republicans -- >> greta: where is it what you promised you? >> kind of. and where is our leadership. they haven't made a secret with being dissatisfied with some of the republican leadership. >> greta: who leads the tea party movement? >> strictly speak nothing individual leader. i think is -- sarah palin is the most popular.
10:16 pm
>> greta: i think tucker carlson is. >> i couldn't lead a movement if my life depended on it, but i like watching. >> greta: next, who are the tea party supporters? we have poll results that could turn everything upside down. governor huckabee is next. tea party activists get a jolt from rush limbaugh. rush in his own words, minutes away. hey -- who's our best presentation guy? carl. i thought you said carl was our bt presentati guy. [ worker ] well, he is. last week he told my team about fedex office print onne for our presentatns. upload it to fedex office, en they print, bind, and ship it. the presentation looks good, right? yes, but -- you didn't actually bring carl with you. good morning! but i digress. [ male announcer ] we understand. you need presentations done right. and right now save 20% on all online printing purchases.
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. >> greta: tea party activists rallied from coast-to-coast today. how many people are part of this group? "new york times" poll gives us
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some idea. the poll finds 18% identify themselves as tea party supporters. who are these people? according to the "new york times" and their joint poll with cbs tea party supporters are older, predominantly white, married and 59% are male. tea party supporters are more educated and have more money than the general public. former arkansas governor huckabee joins us live. good evening. before we get to these polls. there's news about you moving to florida, what is with that? >> just so that my wife and i will split our time between no, florida and arkansas and try to enjoy a little bit of finding our travel connecting up so we might even see each other a little more the course of week. >> greta: is it a political reason or tax avoidance reason? i don't know what the state taxes are in arkansas versus florida a lot of people move there for tax avoidance. >> this is not a political
10:21 pm
decision it is a personal one. it has been fun watchingzwzç people try to interpret it as something that i wasn't aware of. it is interesting to be the last person to know why you are doing something in your own personal life. we'll continue to maintain a house in arkansas where we have both grown-up and have many friends. maybe i will get closer to some of the excitement that is going on in that state regarding that senate race because it is heating up to be certain. >> greta: indeed. let's go to these polls. "the new york times" today about the people who make up the so-called tea party movement. first income. according to the poll, 20% of tea party people activists make more than $1,000 versus 14% overall. -- more than $100,000 versus
10:22 pm
14% over all. anything interesting? >> the mindset that the tea party people are essentially ignorant and desperate people is not true. these are well educated people. people who make good money. what they are watching is a lot of money they are making is being confiscated by the government in increased taxes, increased control and regulation and decreased liberty. that's a dangerous combination. people are sick of it. if you look at numbers inside this poll one of the things that is fascinating. in almost every category showing approval or disapproval of the deficit, obama's health care plan. all of these issues. it is over 90% of the people in the tea party movement who are dissatisfied with the direction that the country is going. the way the deficit is being handled. the debt, spending, government control, taxes. this is a group of people who are very focused like a laser. >> greta: explain this poll, i
10:23 pm
thought was peculiar in light of that one. the poll question was: do you regard the income tax which you will have to pay this year as fair? according to the poll, 52% of the people in the tea party movement think their tax bill is fair this year. larger overall. i was surprised how high the 52% is in light of the fact that the mantra of the tea party movement seems to be get off our backs and cut or taxes. >>ó/=ñ 52% say the tax is fair. they don't want it to keep going up that's what they are fearing with cap and tax. increased taxes with the exploration of the bush -- expiration of the bush tax cuts. the cost of health care and associated taxes that will come with that it is not that they are completely dissatisfied over all they are dis-- overall they are dissatisfied with where headed. arthur god freed said i'm
10:24 pm
proud to be a taxpaying american but i can be just as proud for half the money. i think that's the way a lot of americans feel. >> greta: here's the is going to rattle some in the congress and senate and in the media those who seem to be so arrogant towards people in the tea party movement. education, they've acted like these people couldn't even -- people were uneducated unwilling to learn. according to the poll 33% have some college education which according to the overall population higher than the overall population. i've never thought college necessarily measures intelligence, nonetheless these are people who have spent time studying. >> it is an interesting sort of blowback to the position that this is a movement of ignorant people who don't know any better. these are people who passed civics in the 9th grade. they are not sure congress has read the constitution. they know they didn't read the
10:25 pm
bills they have been passing. we'll know what is in it after we pass it that was nancy pelosi. these are intelligent, well read, educated people not folks stirred up out of emotion. they are stirred up out of their intellect. if they don't speak up their children and grand children are going to be left to pay it off. >> the bulk of the tea party in terms of age. 46% are baby boomers. 45 to 64. that surprised me a little. i thought it would be older. >> not necessarily. people who are either middle age or in the mature years what they understand is they have lived enough life to run small businesses and raise families. something that a lot people running our government don't seem to have one or the other. they know you can spend money you don't have. you can't borrow money that
10:26 pm
you cannot afford to pay back. when this looking at kind of deficits of trillions of dollars what they though that means is, they are going to make it, their retirement funds are set they are going to live through it, but their kids might not and their grandkids assuredly will not this is a mark of the unselfishness of the tea party people looking at the next generation saying this is unsustainable. >> greta: i've heard that term before. thank you sir. don't forget to watch huckabee every saturday and sunday night at 8 p.m. eastern. health care passed must have been good for the president's poll numbers, right? okay maybe not so right. you want to know how much money president obama made last year? you also want to know how much the vice president took home? we'll tell you minutes away. one?
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>> greta: you thought passing health care would be good for the president's poll numbers. according to a new associate press poll the president's approval rating hit a new low of 49%. 50% disapprove. that's not all. the poll finds support for the president's health care overhaul has gone down since the new law passed. before the vote 43% posed the overhaul and 41% supported the plan. now 50% oppose and 39 support. joining us live dick morris. new book just came out tuesday. i'm looking forward to reading my copy this weekend. exciting news, congratulations, dick. >> thank you i'm thrilled. it lays out what you can do to win this election. politics is no longer a spectator sport. we have to come out of grandstands on to the playing field this explains how to do
10:31 pm
it. so i hope -- it is a training manual. >> greta: i look forward to reading it. now, new numbers what do they mean for the president? i guess i don't see the disapproval, approval ratings as so hugely significant because they've been hovering around there. but the health care one surprised me. that the support has gone down. >> yes. colin powell said it best when he was talking about the invasion of iraq and he said if you topple the government it is the pottery barn rule, you break it, you own it. in a sense obama has taken over health care. now he owns it. anything that goes wrong in the field of health care is his responsibility. whether real or not. and the problem is, you can't go to these insurance companies and say you have to cover everybody. you have to take everybody. you can raise their premiums
10:32 pm
if they come with a preexisting condition. and then not have them raise insurance premium rates. i think you are going to see a ripple effect throughout the country as people get their health insurance bills. >> greta: i would expect that months from now are people already seeing a change? are people losing interest or disapproving more out of sort of a growing fear or they've suddenly taken a look at it? has there been any impact of the health care bill on people's lives? >> three things. first, you are beginning to see the rippling effect of these premium increases. some of the companies shedding jobs and doing write-downs because of health care. at&t billion dollars of write-down was very significant. secondly, the process of its passing was so messy. ultimate vindication of what bismarck and mark twain said, never see a sausage being made
10:33 pm
or a law being passed. i was such a part son vote, so vitriolic. finally, i think nothing happen. nobody got covered, nobody got insurance that didn't have it. the good stuff in this bill, if you consider it good isn't going to take effect until 2013 so i think there's a large letdown. every poll has it dropping seven points since it passed. cbs said the same thing. >> greta: all the numbers are trending in the wrong direction for the president this is april, he's not up again until 2012, he has to face the midterms and what happens on capitol hill. are the numbers fluid enough that he could rescue himself or is this really grim or still a long way off? >> i think he's going to lose both houses of congress in 2010. that's really -- i point out in my book which seas and how and all of that stuff.
10:34 pm
for 2012, he can obviously turn it around. bill clinton hired me after he loss both house of congress in '94 it took a year to take the lead against bob dole and won't the election by 10 points. a president can always change the terms of his own presidency. it is like the old joke how many psychiatrists does it take to change a lightbulb? one if it really wants to change. who knows if obama really wants to change. >> greta: there seems to be a difference in terms of clinton presidency. president obama has so profoundly changed health care that you can turn that one around. there would have to be a new topic where he was an enormous hero this one doesn't seem to be one you can turn around. >> well, obviously, the most significant issue is the economy. obama takes the position that it went down sharply now it is going to go up sharply.
10:35 pm
i that i that v is the first part of a w where it guess down again. what will make or break his presidency is if republicans take control in 2010. they going to face this 1.4 trillion $deficit. obama is going to say raise taxes and they are going to say slash spending and that fight will determine the fate of the obama presidency. >> greta: we'll be watching and reading your new book, dick, thank you. coming up on the o'reilly factor. bill: state of arizona cracking down hard on illegal aliens. do you prefer macho men or sensitive guys? coming up. >> greta: o'reilly at 11. we are live until the top of the hour. next, today is not tax day for everyone. half of americans paid no federal income tax. how does that happen?
10:36 pm
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10:40 pm
the house passing the legislation a few hours ago. the measure met some resistance. conservative republicans concerned about the 18 billion dollar price tag. the bill restores funding for extended benefits program that expired last week. the program aiding the long term unemployed. ash from a volcano in iceland is disrupting thousands of transatlantic flights. eruption spewing ash cloud 36,000 feet into the air and still going on. aviation officials say it is too dangerous to fly particles to kill a plane's power. officials say it is unclear when it will be safe to fly again. i'm marianne rafferty now back to on the record. >> greta: breaking news out of florida. governor crist wants the republican nomination for that senate seat but just bad political news. his political mentor and
10:41 pm
chairman connie mack just resigned as campaign chairman. senator mack's resignation on the same day the governor vetoed an education bill. mack wrote a letter to crist saying the veto undermines the state's educational system and the principles that he always believed in. senator mack says the veto is unsupportable. yes, it is tax day but not everyone is opening his wallet. 40% of americans will pay no federal income tax for 2009. is that fair? congressman price spoke at a tea party today and i should add is a doctor. you worked hard the viewers ought to know. i understand why the poor people aren't paying taxes. that 47% who are not paying does that include other people? >> the tax rate that we have is really very, very progressive. the folks at the top 1% pay
10:42 pm
about 40% of the taxes. the top 5% pay 90%. it is remarkably progressive. folks who were out there today complaining not just about the taxes that are going on, but the spending going on and the 1.4 trillion in deficit last year, 1.6 trillion this year. people know that can't continue. >> greta: people were saying there is a segment of the population who makes salary able to manipulate the system so don't pay any taxes. >> there's certainly some of that. we have a lot of tax credits right now. we need a broader and thinner tax code or a fair tax. i'm a supporter of the national retail sales tax and get rid of the irs. the anger we have seen today is about the size of government, reach of government, scope of government. >> senator widen and gregg
10:43 pm
proposed in the senate a way to revamp the tax code. it is uphill battle to get the senate to consider it. every member of congress and says we have to do something. you have the power. >> the president said he believes something ought to be done but he's increasing taxes. that's why people are so irate. >> greta: the tax code first of all is insane, no one stands it, maybe somebody does. >> nobody understands it. >> greta: it is dense. why isn't there a movement on the hill to revamp it? >> there's huge movement on the republican side. we've been clamoring to have an opportunity to get in and fundamentally reform taxes. a decade ago there was this big debate over a flat tack or fair tax. that faded away the fact of the matter is, we cannot continue with our current tax structure. you can't tax people enough
10:44 pm
the way democrats want to and get the money you need run the government at the level it needs to be run. >> greta: if there is no change in the tax code what is going to happen? >> we go bankrupt. you can't spend the kind of money this administration and speaker pelosi and the folks in charge now are spending without fundamental reforms of both tax revenue and spending. >> greta: what do they say when you tell them that? >> i'm not sure what they believe. they keep spending this money and say they aren't interested in spending more but they keep spending. two plus two doesn't equal four here no that's the problem that's why the american people are so irate and livid. >> greta: thank you sir. republican congressman mccuddyer spoke in new hampshire he joins us live. why are you speaking at a tea party in new hampshire? you got 22 in your home state, why did you go to new hampshire? >> i also went to plymouth,
10:45 pm
michigan which is in my district. we have to continue to go out and show we are listening to the people. they are going to follow the principles we put forward and actively engage with the tea party members to see if we can attract and earn their confidence to have a majority. >> greta: why new hampshire? any time any member of congress or the senate guess to new hampshire, iowa or south carolina we get suspicious. i understand plymouth, michigan that's your state. but why new hampshire? >> i to rhode island for the new england conference last year. they asked would you come back? when i came into congress in 2002 we had two seats we currently have zero we want to make sure that doesn't happen again. we tend to view new hampshire as a building block for the party. it is a silly season. all of a sudden we are going to have a member of congress have their plane diverted over
10:46 pm
iowa and they will be accused of running for president too i suppose. >> greta: the media has always been a suspicious lot. what was the level of enthusiasm in new hampshire? any sense of how many showed up? i realize it is hard to estimate these crowds. >> they were similar to the one in plymouth, michigan. it was larger than the one michigan larger park. a couple hundred in plymouth, several hundred in new hampshire in manchester. the mood is i think it is a determination to continue to rae -- reassert and regain their rights. they are very concerned not only about spending because it shows how their sovereignty is eclipsed by government. conserving the cherished way of life. they are concerned about the course of the country. when you get invited to attend a tea party as a member of congress i suggest you go so you can show them you are
10:47 pm
listening that your party is concerned about them. and we will as republicans be worthy of being entrusted -- >> greta: do you find the republican party and democratic members of congress are now more interested in talking to the tea party movement in the last couple of weeks as oppose odd to for instance last fall or last summer? >> they were taken seriously last fall. you are right, as they continue to persevere in the face of derision and defiance of this democratic congress they've not buckled they've grown and increased in membership. we are going to see a continuation of their public protest but also going to engage in more traditional political activity. >> greta: i was stunned how passionate these people were members who attended and it was interesting how the media was dismissive and some were insulting. >> yes, one of the saddest
10:48 pm
things whats to see people in government, people in elected office, people in the media, yourself, obviously not included, the way they derided them for peaceably assembling. one of the problems that occurs that is unfair to the tea party movement it infringes on the narrative of the left. the left believes only members from the liberal party or democratic party can come forward and take to the streets in public protest that is their story of romanticized past. when conservatives go about doing it the liberals don't know what to do about it and they tend to lash out at it. >> greta: congressman, thank you sir. next, the best of the rest. how much money did president obama make last year? how about vice president biden? we know you want to know, we will, next. ent rates. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. so shipping for the chess champ in charleston is the same as shipping for the football phenom in philly?
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. today is tax day for all-americans, including of course the president of the united states. today the white house released the first family's tax returns. president obama and the first lady made an adjusted income of 5.5 million dollars. most of that money came from president obama's book sales. the first family paid almost 1.8 million in federal income tax. naying $329,000 to 40
10:53 pm
different charities. vice president biden and his wife dr. jill biden report add justed kpwros income of $333,000. the bidens contributed almost $5,000 to charity. people across the midwest the same at the same time last night. what the heck was that? check it out. a little after 10 p.m., a giant fireball streaked across the mid western sky from west to east people in several states reported seeing the fireball the light caused houses to rattle and people reported hearing a loud sonic boom when the fireball streaked across the sky. national weather service thinks the fireball was a meteor. vikings don't know if brett favre will be the quarterback next season but he's still making his presence known in the team locker room. he's a spokesperson for wrangler jeans. when players return for workouts this week it wasn't pants on the ground.
10:54 pm
>> ♪ pants on the ground, pants on the ground ♪ >> greta: it was pants in their lockers. they had a gift batting a pair of wranglers. favre had the jeans delivered to each teammate. 24-year-old man known as taiwan's susan boyle is not just an amazing singer. apparently he can dance. you remember this guy. he became an internet sensation around the world performing on taiwanese show doing a perfect rendition of whitney houston's, "i will always love you." ♪ and i, will always love you ♪ ♪ >> greta: well, check out the taiwanese soprano showing off his dance moves. the new star was voted off the reality show, don't feel bad
10:55 pm
we are told he has a record deal. there you have it, the best of the rest. still ahead, everyone is talking taxes and tea parties. do you know what rush limbaugh is talking about? rush in his own words, next. since you opened your design firm... ... your presentation didn't. so here's your moment of truth. which 3g network do you trust to email the file, get it printed, and have it waiting upstairs ? when you want your 3g network to work, you want verizon. visit verizon to see how our smartphones can help put your business on the map, and buy one blackberry curve for $29.99 and get one free.
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to kids in hospitals across the country. so look for downy with the quilted label and bring a touch of comfort to those who need it most. downy. feel more. [ bride ] the wedding was just days away, but my smile just wasn't white enough. now what? [ female announcer ] new crest 3d white professional effects whitestrips. it's professional-level whitening. start seeing results in 3 days. new crest 3d white professional effects whitestrips. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights. it's time. last call n one hour, tax day 2010 will be over. we're guessing tea party
10:59 pm
activists are not going away. rush limbaugh says he understands the tea party movement. >> what is the tea party? the tea party when you boil it down to its essence is a backlash. it's a backlash from people who work. and who expect their kids and grandkids to work. who want to work. who want their kids and grandkids to work and who understand what it is that made this country great. that is whot tea party schl the regime, the democrats, mock them. and when they're not mocking them, they ignore them. and when they're not ignoring them and mocking them, they villify them. >> is rush right? you decide. we're closing down shop. make sure to follow us on, slash gretawire, right now and also go gret and stay right here on fox
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